On Monday morning, we all went to the DC Central Kitchen to help cut vegetables and open up cans of mixed fruit. We did all the behind the scenes work in the kitchen. DC Central Kitchen is unique because it produces enough food to send out to different shelters and charities. This kitchen makes enough food for 5,000 people a day!

After the DC Central Kitchen, we went to the National Coalition for the Homeless and listened to two very inspiring advocates of homelessness. The first man was Eric Sheptock. He is one of the most known advocates of homelessness in D.C. He tells his story about how he became the face of advocating all the issues that the homeless population faces in D.C. Another man that spoke to us was Steve Thomas. He has spoken at Penn State Abington before. His story of how he became homeless made me almost cry. He was a former cocaine addict.  It was different from Eric’s and it was good to hear from a different perspective. Both presentations were emotional and inspiring and it was great to actually hear from people that were advocating homelessness.

After the presentations, Eric took the whole ASB group to different parts of D.C. and we handed out sandwiches to homeless people. We went to the Occupy D.C. area and another area nearby. I think the most shocking thing to us was the homeless people. We could not tell who was homeless and it really surprised us when we found out certain people were homeless when they stood in line for a food truck. 

Overall, it was an extremely productive day for the ASB group. We gave out sandwiches and provided service in the D.C. Central Kitchen and listened to two great presentations.